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We offer our customers the most advanced inventory management solutions for linen, uniforms and laundry operations. Our solutions are reliable and easy to use. IntelTag Systems integrates the latest RFID technology which significantly improves operational efficiency and increases profitability through cost-savings in various industries like healthcare, hospitality, commercial laundry, cleanrooms and many other industries.

With more than a decade of experience in providing inventory management solutions, IntelTag is well known for our reliable systems and expertise that are tailored to our client’s needs as well as offering superior customer support.

Eliminate Losses

Accountability is established with employees and laundries

Lower Purchases

Have more control over inventory levels and forecast purchases

Cut Labour Costs

Processes are automated to eliminate daily tasks

Reduce Laundry Expenses

Track and trace laundry activity and audit expenses


People Say

“It is the greatest honour to work with InteltagRFID, they always understand our requirements, enhancement recommendations and value thereof. They had never turn down any of these software developments and the turnaround times were beyond expectations and personal experience over the years.

HYGIvit can honestly recommend InteltagRFID as a vendor and solutions partner to any institution/industry.”

Gerard M. du Merwe, HYGIvit Managing Director

“The IntelTag RFID System provides complete control and cost saving benefits to our laundry operations and most importantly, our customers. IntelTag’s system implementation was quick and easy. Due to their solutions having multi – site functionality, we can better manage laundry activity and inventory levels for all of our clients from one system. Our linen and laundry operations perform with greater efficiency and more control.”

Bidvest Laundry Group, Financial Director

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