IntelTagRFID Uniform Management

Uniform Management System with RFID Technology

Track garments issued to workers

IntelTagRFID Healthcare Linene Management System

Linen Management System in HealthCare

Our system tracks linen. RFID tags sewn into the seams are used to monitor where the linen is whether it has been returned and where it is in the process.


People Tracking System in Business


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IntelTagRFID Uniform Management


We provide RFID Management Solutions

Know where your stock , worker garments , linen and other items are at all times using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging.

Uniform Management

Linen Management

People Tracking


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We provide Garment Management

Know where your stock , worker garments, linen and other items are at all times using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging.

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Customer Engagement

Give us a call drop us a mail fill in our contact form lets have a chat about what your requirements are

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From our initial discussion we will pull together a solution and give you the opportunity to take it for a test

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Once you have tested our solution and are happy with what you see we will have another discussion to see how it will fit into your environment then offer our proposal

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Data Gathering

Once you accept our proposal we will collect import data points so that we can start preparing your system architecture and management software

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Your Tags are retro fitted to your textiles and married to your management system data

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The installation will happen on a pre-determined date once that is complete we will hand over the system and take you through training on your new system

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