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About Us



About Us

Inteltag was established in 2009 and has since become a top tier provider of advanced management and inventory control systems for linen and uniforms as well as for commercial laundry operations. 

Our solutions increase the profitability of companies in the healthcare, hospitality. Commercial laundry, cleanrooms and many other industries. 

 Our Systems 

Inteltag specialises in software systems that are comprehensive and integrate the latest technology and equipment for asset management and inventory control. 

We use a user – friendly and aesthetically pleasing robust software that offers seamless integration and provides our clients with a custom-made system that incorporates customer engagement properties. 

We offer state of the art hardware that provides a 360 – degree solution between the manufacturer, laundry and site. 

Inteltag are the leading experts in system design, development and the implementation thereof. 

Our software systems are specially designed to be easy – to – use. It eliminates numerous daily tasks to aid in cutting labour costs and automates record keeping that provides real – time information.  

 Our Services 

IntelTag offers complete 360-degree solutions that meets the requirements of each client, which includes equipment integration, specialised software, system implementation and training, software updates and enhancements, and around-the-clock technical support. 

Our Team 

Inteltag offers complete solutions that meets the needs of every individual client including equipment integration, specialised software, system implementation and training, software enhancements and updates as well as round the clock technical support services. 

 Our Mission 

Inteltag main mission is to increase profitability for our clients. We are a leading provider of software management and control systems for linens and uniforms as well as laundry operations. We stand to significantly improve the operating efficiency our system users, which thus enables Inteltag the ability to maintain long – standing relationships with our clients and to achieve above - average growth and profitability. 

To support this, we are committed to being recognised: 

  • As a trailblazer in our served markets, in providing top – tier systems and services 
  • As a client – orientated organisation that is focused on complete customer and user satisfaction 
  • By our financial community and stakeholders for excellence and integrity when it comes to managing the business affairs 
  • As a business that offers and environment that fosters gratification, creativity and individual growth within the workplace 

The Inteltag systems are used by hundreds of companies across the globe for more efficient operations and ongoing cost saving benefits. 

We provide onsite system training and 24 – hour support services.