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Using Automated RFID to keep staff and H&S protocols safe!

8 Mar 2021

Automated RFID tracking of staff & assets protects them, improves productivity potential & your profits. See the benefits here!

Laundry Management, RFID in Laundry, RFID Solutions, Uniform Management

South Africa’s first Green-Star hospital, Cintocare, takes the technological leap & integrates a Uniform, Laundry, and Linen Management System by implementing Inteltag’s RFID System

11 Jan 2021

InteltagRFID reduces labour operations by automating the tracking of hospital linen and garments at Cintocare Private Hospital. 15 December 2020 InteltagRFID recently implemented its Uniform and Linen Management System at Cintocare Private…

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Laundry Management, RFID in Laundry, Uniform Management

Who Would Have Thought Laundry Could Kill You?

1 Jun 2020

There is a new world of health and safety and when it comes to uniforms, you had better heed this warning: if you cannot prove that a uniform was issued…