Posted On: 11 Jan 2021

South Africa’s first Green-Star hospital, Cintocare, takes the technological leap & integrates a Uniform, Laundry, and Linen Management System by implementing Inteltag’s RFID System

InteltagRFID reduces labour operations by automating the tracking of hospital linen and garments at Cintocare Private Hospital.

15 December 2020

InteltagRFID recently implemented its Uniform and Linen Management System at Cintocare Private Hospital. The private surgical hospital is a state-of-the-art medical center offering a vision into the future of healthcare. InteltagRFID is a leading provider of Uniform, Linen, and Laundry Management systems that integrates the latest RFID technology which increases profitability for hospitals, hotels, laundry facilities, or any company with multiple types of textiles. 

The InteltagRFID Solution automatically tracks and manages all garments which ensures full control of the inventory. RFID technology works by electronically reading RFID tags attached to the uniforms, garments and linen, allowing them to be counted, tracked and identified automatically. The system accurately records inventory activity, employee’s uniform assignments, and provides numerous detailed reports. All uniform and linen related activity is recorded to accurately monitor the laundry processes and expenses, washing cycles and automates record keeping providing real-time information.

About Cintocare

Cintocare sets the new standard and leads the way to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Cintocare is a Green Star SA Custom Healthcare design certified hospital and the first 5 star rated healthcare facility on the African continent. This leading healthcare facility is situated in the Menlyn Maine Precinct of Tshwane, adjacent to the Central Square shopping centre – also a Green Star-rated development.

The hospital will focus exclusively on head and neck, spinal and vascular surgery with highly specialised medical professionals including neurosurgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, otorhinolaryngologist, reconstructive surgeons, paediatricians, physicians, intensivist, radiologists, pathologists, audiologists as well as speech and swallowing therapists.

Cintocare hospital joins IntelTagRFID’s premier client portfolio of customers across South Africa. For more information on IntelTagRFID’s Linen, Uniform, and Laundry Systems, click here.  

Training and InstallationInteltagRFID services include site assessments and consulting, development and integration as well as operation and maintenance. 

Generally, the linen management system in a hospital is complex and is operated by hospital staff members. Hospitals, hotels and laundry facilities have a sorting process for laundering, collecting, and tracking of linen. These laundry processes are tedious and leave room for human error. In addition, handling soiled hospital laundry risks exposing staff to infectious disease. For institutions like Cintocare that requires a constant flow of clean linen, uniforms, workwear and hospital garments, Inteltag’s radio frequency identification tags enable systems to automatically track large volumes of individual items faster and more accurately. 

With InteltagRFID’s Laundry and Garment Management System, assorted linen can be scanned in one go by using a UHF-RFID reader, instead of manually counting every individual item by hand. This drastically reduces the number of hours spent manually sorting linen and provides a far more reliable counting and tracking method for linen and garments. 

This transparent and easy RFID process gives customers complete control of their inventory. The main advantage of this process is that the employee does not need to manually count and sort laundry which significantly reduces labour costs and increases accuracy.

Healthcare and RFID Technology

2020 was an unprecedented year where we were all forced to re-evaluate our well-being and health care directly. The COVID-19 pandemic is a harsh reminder of the vital role hospitals play in our society. That is why Cintocare is at the forefront of implementing Inteltag’s RFID technology with its newly installed Uniform, Linen and Laundry Management system, thus creating a sterile and streamlined environment for staff and patients 

Quality control becomes more accurate because the laundry is able to a monitor and analyse the journey of individual items. This means that the system can identify when an item is close to the end of its lifespan, so it can be immediately replaced.

Our solutions enable real – time tracking of tagged items from receiving soiled linen through to sorting, laundry, pressing, folding, packaging and distribution. 

Improve Infection Control Processing

The healthcare industry realizes the benefits of better documentation and improved inventory control for bed linen, towels, work wear and garments. Additionally, RFID technology helps hospitals reduce linen theft and depreciation. 

Not only is asset management and inventory control beneficial to medical facilities, hospitals are implementing RFID to improve infection control processes.

Healthcare facilities using RFID technology are able to ensure patient and staff safety by effectively tracking reusable assets and verifying cleaning and sterilization procedures. Inteltag’s RFID tags are designed for industrial laundries which means they perform exceptionally well in hospital and clinical environments even when exposed to fluids, chemicals and heat sterilization.

How does it work?

RFID tags are attached to all linen and uniforms to uniquely identify each item individually. These RFID tags have a read range of up to 6 feet from the RFID equipment. 

RFID Reader Equipment

InteltagRFID provides the appropriate equipment for each customer unique environment and operational requirements. InteltagRFID also determines the appropriate location to install the RFID equipment to most efficiently process the various system features. 

The portable handheld UHF-RFID reader saves time and increases productivity in uniform and linen processing. The wireless capability is useful in the healthcare industry when processing contaminated linen and uniforms. The handheld UHF-Reader communicates directly with the IntelTagRFID central database via WI-FI and wirelessly transmits data for immediate updates.

In addition, RFID management systems assist in the reduction of theft and loss through real–time asset tracking. Gain instant visibility and control to prevent losses by using InteltagRFID Solutions. 

About IntelTag Systems 

The IntelTagRFID Linen System installed at Cintocare Hospital automatically tracks, traces and provides reports on the linen, garments and inventory located at the hospital. The RFID structure provides substantial savings, removes losses, lowers laundry expenses and increases productivity by automating stock take which in turn reduces administrative workload, and ensures the hospital operates as efficiently as possible.

Uniform, linen, and laundry management solutions at Cintocare hospital characterizes an important step forward for the health care sector & further investment for more “smart” hospitals like Cintocare. 

The IntelTagRFID Linen Management System maintains and supports prime inventory levels that help in predicting the need for future linen and garment acquisitions. These benefits are only a fraction of IntelTag’s RFID applications and uses. By keeping our finger on the research and development of this under-utilised technology in South-Africa, more apparent ways are now being introduced. IntelTagRFID Systems have extensive reporting capabilities that significantly improves operational efficiencies. The Systems provides extensive cost saving benefits, automates daily manual tasks and reduces labour costs.

Set up your business for the fourth Industrial Revolution and secure your future with world of connected processes and technologies to ensure faster and productive output. The RFID Industry comes with superior efficiencies and is changing the traditional relationships of suppliers, producers, and clients and moreover the relationship between humans and machines.

IntelTagRFID provides solutions to healthcare, hospitality, clean rooms, commercial laundries, and many other industries across South Africa. With more than a decade of experience in the linen and garment industry. Our expertise at InteltagRFID offers reliable solutions that are tailored to our customer’s needs. Visit our site for more information.

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