Posted On: 18 Apr 2023

See through guest luggage without opening their bags with Discreet Security Exit Monitors

See through guest luggage without opening their bags with Discreet Security Exit Monitors | IntelTag

One of the greatest expenses of room occupancy in the hospitality sector is the never-ending and ever-growing costs of linen. Hotels are left in the dark when their linen is laundered externally by laundry services as well as in the hands of customers. Ensuring that you have enough extra stock and replacement of high-quality linen can be expensive. By implementing an RFID linen management solution, hotels are now able to account for every linen item in their inventory.

What is an RFID Linen, Laundry, and Asset Management System?

An RFID Linen, Laundry, and Asset Management System is a comprehensive solution that uses RFID technology to track and manage the entire laundry and linen process. The system includes hardware, software, tags, and data, all of which work together to provide real-time information and streamlined operations.

UHF RFID Laundry Tags

Linen items are homogenous and impossible to tell apart from each other. When you implement an RFID solution, each linen item will have an RFID laundry tag attached to the linen item. This item now has its own unique code and can be labelled accordingly. For example, a linen sheet now becomes a King Size Flat Sheet. You may populate the manufacturer details with will assist you in tracking the item from cradle to grave. Every time the item is seen by a reader, it becomes accounted for.

Inteltagrfid Laundry Tags

Asset Tags

Many hotels offer comfort to customers in the form of universal remote controls and other assets like coffee machines and hairdryers. Inteltag RFID offers asset tagging, where we attach a specific type of tag onto the hard asset, thus allowing you to identify and track and trace its movement.

We understand that guests may pack these items, along with gowns as an example, in their luggage “by accident”.

How does the Hospitality industry utilise RFID technology?

RFID technology is an integral part of the Hospitality industry. The laundry and linen management process involves many different tasks, including receiving laundry, rewashing, mending, condemn, dispatch, and general item movement.

RFID Laundry or asset tags are encoded with information pertaining to what the asset is. If the item goes past a reader, the system identifies exactly what the item is. This allows hotels to track and trace the movement of every single item as it moves throughout the hotel as well as to the laundry and back.

Once items are tagged, digitised reports are extracted which becomes useful to the finance department for billing, housekeeping for wash cycles and inventory levels, and the purchasing and procurement department to place accurate orders based on requirements as well as the linen lifespan.

The digitised reporting and analytics provide an intelligent control of hospital linen and textiles. The dashboard is customisable to individual business requirements such as operations, loss management, demand management, lifecycle management, employee management, security exits, perpetual stocktake, etc.

What are the benefits of an RFID Linen, Laundry, and Asset Management System for the Hospitality industry?

        • Eliminate labour-intensive tasks, such as soiled linen hand count
        • Streamline and automate laundry operations
        • Increased life span of linen and towels
        • Reduce linen and towel theft as well as shrinkage
        • Efficient management of linen purchases
        • Improve daily business decisions with real-time actionable information
        • Ensure scalability and flexibility for your business growth
        • Enhance customer relations and offer new value-added services
        • Better security and relevant management information

Who is Inteltag?

Inteltag is a South African-based company that specialises in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) inventory management solutions. We are a locally designed and supported company that provides high-quality, scalable, and customizable inventory management systems for various industries.

Inteltag at the Hotel and Hospitality Show

We will be showcasing our RFID Linen, Laundry, and Asset Management Systems at the Hotel and Hospitality Show, Africa’s premier event for the hospitality industry. Come and visit our booth to see live demos of our solutions and learn more about how our systems can benefit your business.

Take Control with Inteltag’s RFID Solutions

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