Posted On: 27 Feb 2023

Enhance Infection Control Measures and Streamline the Disposal of Red Contamination Bags with RFID

Enhance Infection Control Measures and Streamline the Disposal | InteltagRFID

In the highly regulated and sanitary environment of healthcare facilities, it is essential to implement efficient and reliable measures to maintain staff and patient safety. IntelTag’s RFID Management Systems provide a robust solution to track and monitor the disposal of red contamination bags and ensure compliance with laundering and sterilisation procedures.

Streamline Infection Control Processes with Automation

In the demanding environment of healthcare, it can be a challenge to ensure adherence to stringent hygiene standards while also managing the workload of hospital staff. RFID technology provides a means to improve infection control by streamlining the inventory control of linens, towels, workwear, and other reusable assets. With RFID implementation, all processes are optimized, assets are tracked, and cleaning and sterilisation procedures are verifiable, reducing the burden on hospital staff.

Enhance Infection Control Measures and Streamline the Disposal | InteltagRFID

The spread of microorganisms through soiled linens can pose a significant risk to patients, particularly in healthcare establishments where medical conditions are prevalent. Proper handling and processing of soiled linens, while limiting human contact, is critical in preventing the spread of infection.

Reliable 24/7 Operation with MRI Compliant RFID Technology

IntelTag’s RFID tags are specifically designed for industrial laundry use and are MRI compliant, ensuring exceptional performance in healthcare facilities even when exposed to chemical and heat sterilisation. Hospitals can trust that their red contamination bags and other infectious materials will be registered by the system, without physically having to tamper with the contaminated bags, providing peace of mind for staff and patients.

Reduce Human Touch Points in the Supply Chain

The collection and disposal of contaminated waste should be conducted with minimal physical contact to reduce the risk of medical and infection hazards. RFID radio waves eliminate the need for line-of-sight or physical contact, making the waste collection, disposal, and distribution process significantly safer and more efficient.

Tailored Healthcare Solutions and Expert Support

IntelTag’s extensive experience in garment management solutions and expertise in RFID technology allows us to provide customised solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our software and support are locally based, ensuring reliable and efficient service. The solution is user-friendly and incorporates the latest RFID technology, comprehensive reporting, and expert support, improving operational efficiency and increasing profitability through operational cost savings.

Leverage Data Insights with a Bespoke Analytics Dashboard

The RFID tracking system generates valuable data that can be distilled into useful insights with our analytics dashboard. Regular database synchronizations ensure real-time access to relevant information, including loss prevention, stock take efficiency, accurate wash count, and budget predictions.

Enhance Control and Explore the Possibilities

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