Posted On: 8 May 2023

Hospitality laundry and RFID

Hospitality laundry is an integral part of the guest experience. From luxurious bedding to fresh towels, clean and well-maintained linen is key to a hotel’s success. However, managing laundry and linen inventory can be a cumbersome and labour-intensive task. That’s where RFID technology comes in, offering a streamlined solution to manage inventory and assets. 

How does it work?

So, what exactly is an RFID linen, laundry, and asset management system? Simply put, it’s a technology that uses radio waves to identify and track objects in real time. The system consists of hardware, software, tags, and data, all working together to provide a comprehensive solution for laundry and linen inventory management. 

In the hospitality industry, RFID technology offers specific functionalities for each environment, including laundry, site, and On-Premises Laundry.

In laundry operations, RFID technology can track item movement, rewashing, mending, general item movement, condemnation, and dispatch.  

On the customer site, RFID can receive laundry, issue to employees, return dirty items, and send to laundry. 

One of the unique features of IntelTag’s RFID solutions is the ability to digitise reporting and analytics. With real-time information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about your inventory and assets. The system provides customizable dashboards for operations, loss management, demand management, lifecycle management, employee management, security exits, and perpetual stocktake.

One particular use case for RFID technology in the hospitality industry is discreet security exit monitors. Asset management is a crucial aspect of RFID technology in the hospitality industry. These monitors provide an added layer of security and allow hotels to see through guest luggage without opening their bags ensuring that your assets are accounted for and secure. With increased security and accountability, hotels can ensure the safety of their guests while providing a seamless experience.

The benefits of RFID Solutions

IntelTag’s RFID solutions offer a range of benefits for the hospitality industry, including:

    • fully integrated and highly scalable inventory management systems,  
    • reduced linen loss and savings on linen purchases,  
    • streamlined and automated laundry operations,  
    • real-time actionable information to improve daily business decisions, and 
    • enhanced customer relations with new value-added services. 

By eliminating labour-intensive tasks, reducing textile loss, improving staff productivity and safety, and enhancing regulatory compliance, hotels can improve their overall service levels and increase revenue. 

The hospitality sector can benefit greatly from IntelTag’s RFID Linen and Laundry Management System. It provides a fully integrated and scalable inventory management system, improves daily business decisions with real-time actionable information, and enhances customer relations. The benefits are numerous, and hotels can gain intelligent control of hospital linen and textiles, Contactless Linen Inventory Management, and better regulatory compliance. 

Who is Inteltag?

IntelTag is a 100% South African company that specializes in RFID linen, laundry, and asset management systems. With our locally designed and supported solutions, we aim to be the leading inventory management solution for textiles, garments, and laundry operations in the hospitality sector. 

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