Posted On: 27 Sep 2022

Have More Control over Hotel Linen and Assets

Hotels can highly benefit from a smart inventory management system. | IntelTagRFID

Hotels can highly benefit from a smart inventory management system.

Hotels deal with hundreds of assets that are constantly moving in and out of their premises.

RFID technology, assists hotels gain control over their linen inventory and assets like coffee machines, steamers and hairdryers. How exactly does this work? Well, it all begins with the RFID chip.

Have More Control over Hotel Linen and Assets | IntelTagRFID

Linen Tags

The RFID tags are attached to all linen to uniquely identify each individual linen piece. By attaching RFID laundry tags onto each linen asset, the linen management solution helps you keep track of how many items were sent to your laundry service, how many items were received back from the laundry, and which floors the linen items are on currently within the hotel. This way, you know exactly which linen items are unaccounted for and where to find them.

Asset Tags

A common thread in hospitality is the scenario of a guest unintentionally packing hotel paraphernalia into their suitcases. Tags can be attached to assets like artwork, remote controls, hair dryers, steamers and coffee machines. The RFID asset tag can be read through guest luggage which gives Hotel Management an accurate description of the asset or linen item, like a gown, within the guest’s suitcases.  

Wash Count

Housekeepers are able to provide an accurate account of how many times a linen item has been washed and rewashed based on how many times items were sent to laundry, and received from laundry. Laundry services are capable of tracking these items by implementing a Laundry Management Solution. Linen items are condemned accordingly, and with critical data analytics, hotel management is now able to ascertain the lifespan of the linen and predict accurate budgets for linen purchasing, based on accurate data.

Have More Control over Hotel Linen and Assets | IntelTagRFID

Perpetual Stock Take

Access real-time and detailed information on your stock levels regularly instead of only when you are doing monthly stocktakes. Automate stocktake and remove hours of manual labour by using Inteltag’s RFID Linen System.

Enhance Customer Experience

Establishments within the hospitality are seeing an increase in linen being laundered more frequently due to COVID and hygiene factors. Guests now visit establishments seeking a germ-free hotel room more than ever. The hospitality sector has begun to realize the benefits that RFID technology offers and that by engaging with innovative technologies,

it not only enhances the customer experience but also lets them stand out in a competitive environment.

Eliminates 99.8% of unaccounted losses associated with daily movement

Track Linen From Cradle to Grave

Track Linen From Cradle to Grave | IntelTagRFID

Tracking hotel linen inventory such as towels, bed linen, and hotel staff apparel can be monitored and tracked from the manufacturer to the hospitality client and along its supply chain.


“Now more than ever, the hospitality sector is realising that linen is an expensive asset within their industry. Hotel managers can accurately tell us the exact amount of Johny Walker Black they have in stock, but are unable to provide accurate details on their linen pertaining to wash count and linen inventory stock take.”

While the future may not be known in the present, looking at other spheres of innovative RFID applications, one can now fathom the possibilities of RFID in hospitality.

Discreet Exit Monitors for Security

Guest and staff exits are constantly monitored via readers that are discreetly packaged and placed. Hotel management and security details are immediately alerted should a guests or staff member attempt to leave their premises with linen and assets. This will help increase profitability by avoiding theft, and maintain an accurate stock status

Bespoke Data Analytics Dashboard

IntelTag is the  pioneer when it comes to the RFID linen management solution within the hospitality sector, across South Africa. IntelTag Systems integrate state-of-the-art RFID technology, which significantly improves operational efficiency. We are a 100% South African; our software and support is local. Leveraging the data generated by the RFID tracking system, the analytics distils useful and actionable information. Hourly database synchronisations ensure that relevant insights are available in real-time, with specific focus on loss prevention, stock takes, wash count and budget predictions.

This all allows for increased profitability, and numerous cost – saving benefits in various industries like healthcare, hospitality, industrial and commercial laundry, food manufacturing, fitness, and automotive.

With more than a decade of experience in providing inventory management solutions, IntelTag is well known for our reliable systems and expertise that are tailored to our client’s needs as well as offering superior customer support.

Have more control and find the value in improved efficiencies and optimised cost management, together.

For more information, visit Should you be interested in seeing the potential of our RFID technology in your business, industry, or sector, call 010 599 0400. While we currently offer a selection of products, we’re open to discovering just how far we can take this technology in your sector.