Posted On: 15 May 2023

How RFID Technology benefits hotels and Resorts

RFID technology has transformed the way industries manage their inventory, and the hospitality sector is no exception. With the increasing demand for seamless customer experiences, hotels, and holiday resorts are looking for ways to improve their linen and laundry management operations.

Hotel inventory may consist of bedding, towels, gowns, and assets like hairdryers, coffee machines, and irons. Currently, RFID is the best technology available for inventory management and asset tracking. Hotels deal with hundreds and even thousands of linen inventory and assets that are constantly moving in and out of their premises. Hotels have a clear need for automated systems to track and control high volumes of inventory.

RFID solutions have proven to be a game-changer for the hospitality sector, providing numerous benefits that hotels and holiday resorts can take advantage of.  

Who is IntelTag?

IntelTag is a 100% South African company that designs and supports inventory management solutions for textiles, garments, and laundry operations. With years of experience in the industry, IntelTag has become a leading provider of RFID solutions for the hospitality sector. 

What is an RFID Inventory Management System?

An RFID Linen, Laundry, and Asset Management System is a fully integrated and highly scalable inventory management system that helps hotels and holiday resorts reduce linen loss, streamline and automate laundry operations, and improve daily business decisions with real-time actionable information. The system comprises  of hardware, software, tags, and data, which work together to provide a comprehensive solution for the hospitality sector. 

How does the hospitality industry utilise RFID technology, and what do they benefit from it?

The hospitality sector’s main business goal is to provide exceptional customer experiences and incorporating RFID technology helps push this service to another level. Striving to provide guests with exceptional experiences, includes factors like ensuring the rooms are clean, comfortable, and well stocked with amenities.

Better Inventory Management

Managing a hotel’s inventory is a time-consuming and complicated task, especially for larger establishments. By attaching an RFID tag onto textiles and assets, hotels are now capable of identifying and tracking the number of items in their inventory and their locations more accurately. Hotel managers know precisely when to purchase linen supplies and avoid shortages or overstocking. Additionally, the RFID system can provide real-time updates on inventory levels, while providing a perpetual stocktake, thus making it easier to manage and replenish stock. Hotel managers can save time and effort due to the automation of inventory tracking instead of tracking their linen assets manually. 

Utilising smart inventory management systems, hotels can: 

    1. Identify and track each item in their inventory 
    2. Optimise maintenance and forecast purchases more accurately 
    3. Reduce theft, linen loss, and wastage 

Improve Operational Efficiency

RFID implementation automates several manual processes that housekeepers would otherwise perform manually such as stocktaking and restocking. This manual process is time-consuming and prone to errors. Utilising RFID, inventory management becomes more accurate, faster, and less labour – intensive. This affords hotel staff the opportunity to focus on other important tasks like providing excellent customer service.

    1. Reduces the need for manual data entry 
    2. Improve labour processes through automation. 
    3. More Accurate reporting 

Reduce Losses

Once an item has been tagged using a UHF laundry tag, these items can now be tracked as it moves throughout the hotel. This makes it easier to detect any theft occurrences or misplacements. This saves the hotel money in the long run by reducing the need to replace missing or stolen items. Additionally, RFID provides detailed reports on linen usage which aids hotel management in identifying high risk areas where items are stolen or misplaced. Hotel managers can now take proactive measures to prevent loss or theft by increasing security or implementing stricter policies and procedures.

    1. Track and trace all items 
    2. Implement and Utilise an anti-theft system 
    3. An accurate account of what exactly is missing and where it went missing 

Cost Saving Benefits

By using an Inteltag RFID solution to track inventory, hotels reduce their overall operating costs. This includes minimising waste and loss, reducing labour costs and optimise linen usage which results in significant savings over time. By automating manual processes, hotels reduce the need for staff to attend to these tasks manually, which helps lower labour costs. Furthermore, the Inteltag RFID system provides detailed reports on wash count and linen usage, thus enabling hotels with the ability to optimise their inventory stores and minimise waste.

See Through Guest Luggage Without Opening Their Bags using Inteltag’s RFID Discreet Security Exit Monitor

IntelTag’s discreet exit monitors provide enhanced security and prevent the loss of assets all while appearing to be a part of the hotel decor. By allowing hotels and holiday resorts to see through guest luggage without opening their bags, halts theft while securing the hotel’s valuable assets from leaving the premises.

Benefits of RFID Solutions

IntelTag’s RFID solutions offer numerous benefits for the hospitality sector, including: 

      • Streamline and automate laundry operations 
      • Reduce linen loss and save on linen purchases 
      • Improve daily business decisions with real-time actionable information 
      • Ensure scalability and flexibility for business growth 
      • Enhance customer relations and offer new value-added services 
      • Manage textile assets in real-time with actionable information and reports 
      • Accuracy and real-time stock management improve production planning, reduce linen shortage situations, anticipate delivery schedules, and improve overall service levels 
      • Eliminate labour-intensive tasks such as hand counting soiled linen 
      • Reduce textile loss and eliminate laundry losses 
      • Improve labour productivity and staff safety 
      • Enhance regulatory compliance and better security 
      • Accurate and relevant management information 
      • Increased revenues 

In conclusion, IntelTag’s RFID solutions provide a comprehensive and scalable inventory management system for the hospitality sector. From laundry management to asset management and digitised reporting and analytics, hotels and holiday resorts can benefit from the accuracy, efficiency, and security of RFID technology. With the growing demand for seamless customer experiences, RFID solutions are becoming a necessity for the hospitality 

IntelTag will be showcasing their RFID solutions at the Hotel and Hospitality Show.

Meet us at the show to see live demos of our Laundry Management System, Asset Management System, and RFID Data Management System. 

Take Control with IntelTag’s RFID Solutions

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