Posted On: 1 Nov 2022

Improve Infection Control Measures

Have More Control Over The Disposal Of Red Contamination Bags And Improve Infection Control Measures | IntelTagRFId

Healthcare facilities can better ensure staff and patient safety by tracking assets and verify laundering and sterilization procedures have been adhered to. Inteltag’s RFID tags are designed for industrial laundry use and perform especially well in hospital and clinical environments, despite exposure to chemicals, fluids and sterilization heat, and also cover red contamination bags which significantly improve infection control processes.

Improved Infection Control Processes Through Automation

In environments that demand the most sterile, hygienic standards, placing these demands on already highly pressurised hospital staff can be a heavy load. Thanks to RFID and its advanced solution capabilities for improved inventory control of bed linen, towels, work wear, and garments, hospitals can significantly improve infection control with advanced linen and laundry processing. Furthermore, with the implementation of RFID, all processes are improved, reusable assets are tracked, and cleaning and sterilization procedures are verifiable.

Due to the complexity of the collection, transportation, sorting and
distribution of infectious linen, hospitals and their linen supply chain need
to operate with extreme efficiency in order to cater to the hospital needs.

The Need To Eliminate The Spread Of Diseases Through Soiled Linen

With the influx of microorganisms, the likelihood of diseases spreading through soiled linen will rise substantially. And the spread of these microorganisms can be fatal when factoring in the existing medical conditions that are prevalent in healthcare establishments and hospitals. With this, the proper handling and processing of soiled linens – while limiting the human handling of this these soiled items – is paramount in the prevention of spreading infection.

When Infection Is A Constant Concern, RFID Needs To Work Around The Clock

Inteltag’s RFID tags are specifically designed for industrial laundries, and are MRI compliant, which means they perform exceptionally well in hospital and clinical environments even when exposed to chemical and heat sterilization. With this, hospitals never have to worry a micro-minute that a microorganism may slip through, or a red contamination bag pass without being registered by the system.

When it comes to red contamination bags, hospitals worry about the discarding of these line items within the toxic bags and need to know exactly what has been discarded without having to open the bags. With our RFID solution in place, Infectious materials and linen are packed into bags, with items all chipped with an RFID tag. These are passed by the RFID sensor where all items contained in that bag are captured on the system. With these sensors, the need for human touch points in the supply chain is eliminated.

When Infection Is A Constant Concern, RFID Needs To Work Around The Clock | IntelTagRFId

Tailoring Our Clients’ Healthcare Needs

With more than a decade of experience in providing garment management solutions, IntelTag is renowned for our reliable systems and expertise that are tailored to our client’s operational requirements with expert customer support.

IntelTag is the leader in RFID Uniform Management Solutions in healthcare operational safety.

The solution is reliable and easy to use, combining the latest RFID technology with Software, comprehensive reporting and expert support, significantly assists in improving operational efficiency while increasing profitability, through operational cost savings in industries like food manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, commercial laundry, and many others.

Bespoke Data Analytics Dashboard

Leveraging the data generated by the RFID tracking system, the analytics distills useful and actionable information. Regular database synchronisations ensure that relevant insights are available in near real-time, with a specific focus on loss prevention, stock take efficiency, accurate wash count, and budget predictions.

IntelTag is the pioneer when it comes to RFID garment management solutions within the food manufacturing sector, across South Africa. We are 100% South African; our software and support are local.

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