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Laundry System

The IntelTag Laundry System integrates the latest RFID technology to effectively manage industrial laundry operations which includes hospital and hotel laundries. The IntelTag Laundry solution streamlines and automates laundry operations and in turn cuts labour costs. By providing accurate data in real – time, laundry operating expenses are reduced.


Laundry Inventory Management

The IntelTag Laundry System automatically tracks, traces and manages laundry affairs for rental and customer – owned linen and uniforms. To put it simply, The RFID Technology electronically reads RFID tags attached to the linen and uniform and allows the pieces to be individually identified, tracked and counted. The system also allows for sorting and validates collections and deliveries at a customer’s location. 

The IntelTag Laundry System enables businesses to have more control over their inventory, efficiently and automatically track laundry activity per customer, and it also facilitates sorting by customer, and the sorting of uniforms per employee. Our Laundry solution records laundry activity autromatically and provides billing reports per customer and customer departments. 

Usage and aging of linen and uniforms are observed to maintain forecast purchasing and quality standards. The system is also capable of managing alterations and repairs of linen and uniforms and it also monitors the productivity of laundry staff in their various functions like pressing, folding, sorting and other specific treatments. Customer billing reports may include charges for specific repairs and treaatments. 

The IntelTag Laundry System removes numerous labour intensive tasks such as separating and hand counting uniform and linen that come into the laundry and even items that are couriered to customers. Our Laundry system  eliminates manual errors by automati9ng record keeping. 

Benefits and Savings

IntelTag’s Laundry System eliminates the unaccounted for loss of laundry associated with daily laundry activities and customer interactions. 

IntelTag’s Laundry Systems allows for greater labour productivity by automating record keeping and eliminating manual tasks. 

IntelTag’s Laundry System knows which items to replace so that it maintains a high-quality standard. This in turn reduces annual purchases.

The IntelTag Laundry System provides critical information to laundry customers and removes any disagreements or discrepancies. 

The IntelTag solution consistently provides accurate and real – time inventory of all items which ensures that customers have full control over their assets and eliminates losses not related to theft. 

Details about the IntelTag Linen System

IntelTag integrates state-of-the-art RFID technology that enables full control of uniform and linen inventory while it eliminates the need to sort, hand count or scan items individually. The system is easy to use and streamlines daily processes and allows operators the ability to instantly identify and record hundreds of linen and uniforms in seconds using the RFID technology. The IntelTag laundry system uses RFID technology to eliminate human error and manual tasks. It gives operators full control and accurate information is always readily available. The System allows for real – time information on what has transpired with every reading. In other words, what type of transaction has occurred and when and where it occurred. 

Our RFID tags are attached to every single uniform that uniquely identifies each individual uniform item. The RFID tags can be read in a range of up to 6 feet from the RFID equipment with accuracy. The RFID tags can withstand laundry processes for at least 200 wash cycles. This includes washing, drying, pressing and extreme laundry requirements like high – pressure water extractors and sterilization. IntelTag provides RFID tags that can be heat-sealed or pre-inserted into fabric pouches that can be sewn into uniforms. RFID tags are most commonly provided to uniform suppliers to attach the tag during the manufacturing process. 

IntelTag provides the appropriate RFID equipment that is customised according to each customers operational requirements and unique environments. We also assist our customers in determining the appropriate location for the RFID installation that will most efficiently process the various system features. 

The RFID equipment is configured by the IntelTag software for optimal accuracy and performance. 

  • Uniform collection Reading Stations 
  • Soiled Uniform Reading Station 
  • Portable Handheld readers with IntelTag Mobile Software 
  • Uniform Collection and return Reading Stations on automated conveyors 
  • Self – issue uniform reading station 
  • Uniform Rack and Laundry cart Reading Stations 
  • Restricted Uniform Control Reading stations 

Inteltag | Portable Handheld RFID ReadersIntelTag provides Portable Handheld RFID readers for accurate yet flexible uniform inventory tracking. The portable handhels RFID reader users IntelTag’s software to increase productivity by saving time  during the uniform processing procedures. 

The portable handheld RFID reader’s main function is to track laundry activity and taking physical inventory, however, the portable device may also be used for adding and deleting uniform inventory. 

The wireless capabilities are particularly useful in the healthcare industry when contaminated uniforms are being processed, The handheld reader communicates directly with the central IntelTag database via WIFI and transmits data wirelessly for instant updates. If WIFI is not available, the handheld reader functions in “batch – mode” which allows limited functionalities and then data is then downloaded at a later stage to the IntelTag database.  

Paperless System | InteltagThe IntelTag Uniform System integrates biometric and card technology that offers comprehensive access control as well as time and attendance features based on the latest biometric technology and security platforms. This establishes employee accountability for uniform assignments and sales.  

The system is paperless and reports can be viewed on the screen or generated into a file format like excel or PDF which can be mailed instead of printed

The IntelTag Uniform System easily interfaces with the IntelTag Laundry System thus enabling laundry operations to also benefit from the RFID tags that are in the uniforms. Information is interchanged between the systems so as to provide complete inventortracking throughout the laundry process which also eliminates disputes and discrepancies with the laundry. 

The IntelTag Uniform System can interface its solutions with the highest quality conveyor systems that automatically deliver uniforms to employees. The IntelTag solution gives uniform and employee details to the conveyors so that customers can track which uniforms have been assigned to each employee. The RFID technology on the automated conveyors updates the IntelTag Uniform System and specifies which uniforms have been allocated, collected and returned by employees. Besides the cost saving benefits provided by the IntelTag Uniform System, the automated conveyor system provides additional cost saving benefits for our customers.