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Stronger Design for Linen Management

This system tracks linen such as towels and sheets in a hotel or similar establishment. RFID tags sewn into the seams of the linen are used to monitor which room the linen has been allocated to, whether it has been returned and where it is in the process.

The RFID tags are registered in the system and certain items of linen can be assigned to specific rooms.


Greater Efficiency System Savings

When the linen is returned from the room where it was used, the hotel worker pushes it into the receiving chute and the RFID tag is scanned automatically. Where there is both white and coloured linen, a second chute can be provided to allow them to be sorted separately, simplifying the process at the laundry.

The system can generate a number of types of reports that highlight any exceptions where necessary, including:

  • Total linen issued
  • Total linen outstanding or missing
  • Linen issued to and received from individual rooms
  • Linen sent to and received from the laundry
  • Linen washing cycle report
  • Total inventory report

Exceptional Performance in any Environment

Processing laundry and linen poses a unique problem: many items look identical but need to be identified and tracked individually. Consider that commercial laundry can feature hundreds of identical-looking uniforms, costumes, linens and towels and tracking inventory starts to look like a mess.

We create an automated system to keep track of each individual item, and information like the owner’s name, the way it’s supposed to be washed, where it should be returned, and more— ensuring laundry tracking is a simple, clean process.

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