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Our Services

Innovative Solutions

Specialist RFID Asset Management Solutions that provide software and services to develop, supply and install RFID tracking systems for tracking of assets and employees. We currently provide tracking and support services to multiple businesses who need to track garments, laundry and assets.

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what is RFID

Radio frequency identification

The wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, identifying and tracking tags attached to objects

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Uniform System

Manages uniform operations and inventory tracking, monitors laundry activity and employee assignments.

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Linen Solutions

Manages linen operations which includes inventory tracking, storeroom maintenance and monitoring laundry activity

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IntelTagRFID Textile Identification

Laundry Solutions

Manages laundry operations which includes inventory tracking of customer – owned, rental uniforms and linen.

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Linen Management Solution IntelTagRFID

Hospitality and Healthcare

This system tracks linen such as towels and sheets in a hotel or similar establishment. Where it is in the process.

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System Installation and Training

IntelTag is well known for providing the most extensive system installation and training services. Besides installing the RFID solutions and training users, we also consult with managers and the relevant departments on what the interdepartmental procedures and appropriate processes and how we can fully utilize our systems. We have numerous testimonials from our clients who commend our installation and training teams who exceed expectations when performing the onsite system executions.

Our experience incorporates both implementing our systems for existing and brand-new operations. IntelTag has a quick and easy process when implementing our systems to both existing and new operations. The IntelTag process guarantees that all inventory is efficiently accounted for and that our customers are professionally trained to acquire maximum cost saving benefits.

System Upgrades and Software Updates

IntelTag’s solutions are frequently enhanced and provides software updates for our customers. The system upgrades can include new features and reports or new technology for equipment integration. New features and reports are often requested by our customers and t his is due to the fact that our systems are designed according to the client needs and the most recent technologies. Our clients have access to software updates from the website.

Ongoing System Training

To acquire maximum cost saving benefits, the IntelTag team provides ongoing system training for our clients. IntelTag training of our systems is recommended at least once a year to keep our clients update with the latest features and reports.

24/7 Customer Support

IntelTag offers 24-hour customer support to our clients. You may contact our support team via our website, email or telephonically for any urgent matters. Our customer support team are professional and have years of experience with IntelTag and the operations we serve.