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How can RFID People Tracking benefit your company
  • RFID can give you handsfree access within the work area. 
  • Track the time and attendance of your employees. 
  • Monthly reporting. 
  • Track movement of employees throughout the workplace. 
  • Detect if employees are going to daily stations  
    • Hand washing stations 

Should an employee test positive for COVID-19, a report can be generated identifying the movement of the employee and employees who were in the same location as the positive employee over a specific time period. 


People Tracking System Solution

The proposed solution is designed to allow the operators to achieve the highest recording accuracy with minimum manual input.  The specified equipment has been selected based on the volume of articles to be tracked per location. 

The implementation of the system is divided into components. Due to multiple items requiring manufacture or import, the implementation will be a staggered approach.

This solution is a new offering and will undergo continuous updates during the initial stages to better suit your needs and system intergration requirements. 

Exceptional Performance in ALL Environments

Both visitors and employees movement in and out of your establishment, within the defined boundaries, will be tracked and monitored to your specifications. Once the system has been completely installed, configured and tested we will acquaint operators with the system.

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