Driving digital transformation by extending the IoT


Connections are the heart of what we do. With over 50 billion items connected to date, we’re just getting started.


Surface real-time data for a better understanding of our world and how things move through systems.


Our partners use our products to build IoT solutions that bring visibility and automation to intelligent systems.

The integrated RAIN RFID products are easy to deploy and use

Impinj products are built on RAIN RFID technology and extend connectivity from physical items to edge devices to the cloud, providing industry-leading performance that helps organizations operate efficiently, businesses increase profit, and people live easier.


with our high-performance RAIN RFID products

Tag Chips

Impinj tag chips attach to an item, providing a unique identifier and enable readers to determine the item’s identity, location, and authenticity.

Reader Chips

Impinj reader chips provide a foundation for designing a wide range of smart edge devices with embedded RAIN RFID read/write capability.


Impinj readers are edge devices that enable bidirectional, wireless communications between applications and everyday items

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