Posted On: 4 Oct 2021

RFID Laundry Analytics in Healthcare

Can you analyse what it costs to wash a single item of linen? 

RFID in Laundry Management

IntelTag Solutions has deployed a comprehensive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) laundry tracking system for Cintocare, the first green star hospital in South Africa. 

With a Laundry Management Solution, RFID tags are permanently attached to every laundered item, allowing IntelTag’s systems to seamlessly track each item as it moves around the hospital facility. 

Laundry management in hospitals is a critical function. Providing an adequate, clean, and constant supply of linen ensures cleanliness in all stages of patient care.

With over 5000 items in their inventory, Cintocare needs an automated system to track and control their high volumes of laundry. 

The Process

An added value to any customer is the analytics that can be extracted as insights, from the data accumulated by the IntelTag RFID Solution.

IntelTag Solutions has partnered with Delve Systems to provide Cintocare with even more value by implementing a Healthcare Data Analysis Dashboard.

Discussions with Cintocare management identified key functional areas where insights and analytics into laundry management are required. The analytics were to make critical information available at a glance and assist in decision making. 

From Data to Insight

Leveraging the data generated by the RFID tracking system, the analytics distils useful and actionable information. This combined solution provides information on linen movement, use, abuse, durability, and loss.

Real-time inventory availability and visibility over linen enables forecasting models like Demand Management, Predictive Ordering, and Loss Prevention. Customers can expense linen as it is being utilised, right down to a statistical wash count per item. Based on usage, customers can now analyse what it costs to wash a single item of linen.  


Cintocare has now gained insight into key operational metrics. Dashboards are currently assisting in all aspects of laundry management, preventing losses, managing lifecycle, and ensuring demand is met.

IntelTag Solutions now have extended value in improved efficiencies and optimised cost management at Cintocare. 

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