Posted On: 25 Apr 2023

Asset Management for Hotels – Are your guests accidentally packing Assets in their luggage?

See through guest luggage without opening their bags with Discreet Security Exit Monitors | IntelTag

he hospitality industry is a competitive market that requires hotels to provide the best experience possible for their guests. One area that often gets overlooked is the management of assets such as TV Remotes, kettles and other room inventory. Hotels can benefit from an RFID Asset Management System provided by companies like IntelTag RFID Solutions.

What is an RFID Asset Management System?

An RFID Asset Management System consist of hardware, software, tags, and data. It is designed to track and manage linen, garments, and inventory using RFID technology. 

How does an RFID Asset Management Solution work?

In addition to managing linen and laundry, hotel asset management includes tracking various items that are found in guest rooms such as pillows, TV remotes, paintings, pictures, hair dryers, and kettles. A RFID tag is attached to inventory and linen, encoded with the item description, thus identifying the item. 

These items can easily be packed into suitcases by guests, leading to significant replacement costs for the hotel. With an RFID asset management system, hotels can track these items in real-time, reducing replacement costs and improving overall operational efficiency. 

IntelTag provides an RFID Asset Management Solution that offers a discreet exit monitor that is strategically placed at reception or other exposed areas. These monitors prevent assets such as linen, garments, and inventory from leaving the hotel premises without authorization. Additionally, hotels can ensure that guests have access to the amenities they need during their stay, enhancing the overall guest experience. 

How does the hospitality industry benefit from RFID technology in the laundry and linen industry?

The hospitality industry utilises RFID technology in specific environments with differing functionalities such as 

  • Laundry 
  • Hotel Sites  
  • On-Premises Laundry

It provides real-time data on  

  • laundry receive  
  • item movement 
  • rewashing 
  • mending  
  • condemnation
  • dispatch 
  • issue to the employee/room

With RFID technology, the laundry process is  

  1. Streamlined
  2. Labour costs are reduced
  3. Operating expenses are lowered. 

Digitised Reporting and Analytics

IntelTag’s RFID system offers a dashboard where clients can create forecasting models for their inventory and assets. By identifying key functional areas where insights and analytics into laundry management are required, a dashboard is customizable to individual business requirements. 

Benefits of using an RFID Asset Management System

The benefits of using an RFID Linen and Laundry Management System are numerous.  

  1. It includes a fully integrated and highly scalable asset management system,
  2. Reducing asset loss and saving on asset purchases,
  3. Streamlining and automating operations,
  4. Improving daily business decisions with real-time actionable information,
  5. Ensuring scalability and flexibility for business growth,
  6. Enhancing customer relations and offering new value-added services, 
  7. Managing assets in real-time with actionable information and reports, and 
  8. Improving overall service levels. 

Who is Inteltag?

Inteltag is a South African-based company that specialises in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) inventory management solutions. We are a locally designed and supported company that provides high-quality, scalable, and customizable inventory management systems for various industries.

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