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The Future of RFID In Linen Management, South Africa

The Future of RFID In Linen Management, South Africa | IntelTag

Where is SA when it comes to RFID Laundry Management Systems and what does the future hold? Is it time to chip in? Have more control over your linen using an RFID Laundry tag

RFID in Laundry Management

The Future of RFID In Linen Management, South Africa | IntelTag
Over the last decade, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) has significantly benefited laundry services in numerous industries like healthcare, hospitality, fitness, automobile, mining and food manufacturing. Due to the technology’s ability to adequately track products, reduce lost items and cut costs, an ever-increasing number of healthcare facilities in South Africa, as well as hotels and resorts, are implementing RFID into their day-to-day operations.

With this, what was once a third-world country, South Africa is now utilising RFID technology and data collection capabilities more than ever. Although it is still in its infancy, the demand for The Internet of Things (IoT) as well as RFID Laundry Management Systems and technology, and expertise are increasing at a rapid rate in our country due to increasing theft and a focus on health, safety and automation. And we at IntelTag are in the frontline to accommodate this and we’re preparing for the future. We’re also helping companies to have a constant flow of clean linen, bedding, work wear, uniforms and garments. Now, thanks to us, companies are now fast-tracking this once futuristic tool

When considering RFID Laundry Management Systems, businesses in the hotel, hospitality, medical and accommodation sector have their own specific needs and growing business requirements. With growing venues and establishments, more customers mean more linen, uniforms, garments and inventory. With safety among laundry processes, the management thereof has become more important than ever.

Considering the global pandemic, COVID has brought in a new sensitivity with regards to linen and garment management. We know, through experience, that the linen management system in a hospital is complex. Hospitals, hotels and laundry facilities have a sorting process for laundering, collecting, and tracking of linen. Now, and the foreseeable future, health and safety, as well as cleanliness, has become a huge focus. Handling soiled hospital laundry risks exposing staff to infectious disease, even more so with COVID. Larger volumes of clean linen, uniforms, workwear and hospital garments are needed at an automatic, faster and identifiable level.

With regards to laundry in the future, hospitality, healthcare, mining and food manufacturing, RFID will offer more Garment Management, Linen Management, Theft reduction, Stock control, and Stock age capabilities. Furthermore, forecast purchasing is based on accurate data that can be extracted from data analytics and the healthcare industry is realising the benefits of this, as well as improved documentation and inventory control.

The Future of RFID In Linen Management, South Africa | IntelTag

The past decade for
RFID Linen Management
RFID in South Africa

Now, local industries have a tag button and a tap to pay. However, where was RFID Linen Management a decade ago?

In 2012 saw RFID linen management became South Africa’s biggest marketing trend. Back then, it was somewhat new, but then a massive roll-out of the technology happened, as we predicted, and the value of RFID linen management was realised.

Currently, the future for RFID linen management systems in South Africa will see a complementary relationship rather than a replacement of traditional barcode-based data collection systems in the country. We’re seeing technology having, thankfully, caught up, and RFID now considered a more cost-effective method. This will be a significant move in the uptake of RFID in the country, as well compatibility and the setting of standards within relevant sectors. We, at IntelTag, know that RFID application is embedded in areas which include personal identification, logistics, pharmaceutical, access control, security guard monitoring, asset management, and healthcare. Specifically, the applications in the healthcare industry have been staggering.

This subsequently paves the way for rapid adoption of a new worldwide RFID and RFID Laundry Management Systems standard – and we’re hoping this is the case. This is set to happen more so in the country too. It also paves the way for ways for RFID and RFID Laundry Management Systems to be used to bring the digital world and IoT into the here and now.

The Future of RFID In Linen Management, South Africa | IntelTag

No Longer a Hype in this Third World Country, But a Tool Against COVID

Along with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we know that RFID Laundry Management Systems has moved quickly from being a hype in South Africa to a reality. No surprise with hundreds of companies using RFID Laundry Management Systems thanks to COVID, more specifically the IntelTag Systems, and enjoying efficient operations and ongoing cost-saving benefits. 

Early adopters in the country have already benefited from the advantages of RFID Laundry Management Systems within their operations. With this, RFID Laundry Management Systems is moving into sophisticated levels, and within a much shorter time.

One of the areas where RFID Laundry Management Systems promises excellent potential is in the healthcare and hospitality industry for the tracking of linen, laundry, and assets throughout the supply chain. These local sectors are now fully aware of the benefits in adopting RFID technology, Linen Management Solutions, Laundry Management Solutions, with previous adoption barriers and mitigation now solved and committing to adopting RFID made easy.

We truly believe RFID Laundry Management Systems has made a comeback and now, it’s a tool in the fight against COVID. Afterall, the level of interest from hospitals and their partners has increased drastically as a result of the pressure in supply chains, as well as in health and safety.

Be Part of the South African RFID Future

The future sees RFID as the best technology available for linen management, asset tracking and inventory management. There’s no doubt about this. With this, IntelTag has now developed industry specific software and hardware that optimises a solution for each sector. Our management systems with the help of state-of-the-art RFID technology, assists hotels, hospitals, commercial laundries as well as industry sectors to gain control over their uniforms and linen,

Our specialist RFID Asset Management Solutions provide hardware, software and services to develop, supply, and install RFID Laundry Management Systems and RFID tracking systems.

We currently provide tracking and support services to multiple local businesses who need to track garments, laundry, and assets. We also assist in day-to-day challenges including stock control, the sending and receiving of laundry, laundry billing, forecast purchasing, stock lock controls, reports and data analytics. Speak to us today if you want to be somewhere in South Africa when it comes to RFID and Data Management Solutions.

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