Posted On: 24 Aug 2020

Johannesburg’s Most Exclusive Hotel, The Houghton, installs Inteltag’s RFID System and halt’s theft of linen, garments and remote controls

Johannesburg, Sandton – 25 July 2020 –  The Houghton Hotel, voted South Africa’s best Luxury Hotel in 2019, first opened its doors in 2018 and has since gone on to become a lifestyle destination to those who want the best that Johannesburg has to offer in a secure and first-class environment. The Houghton Hotel is a member of the prestigious 5-star luxury brand, the “Leading Hotels of the World”. The IntelTag  UHF – RFID Linen System that has been installed at the prestigious hotel will contribute to the unceasing success of their hotel operations by reducing operating expenses. 

IntelTag Systems is a leading provider of advanced Uniform Management, Laundry and Linen Systems that integrates that latest RFID Technology that increases profitability for various operators like hotels, fitness centres, laundry operations and hospitals. The Houghton Hotel joins IntelTag’s premier client portfolio of customers across South Africa. For more information on IntelTag’s Linen, Uniform and Laundry Systems, click here 

IntelTag UHF – RFID Linen System

The IntelTag UHF – RFID Linen System that was installed for The Houghton Hotel tracks, traces and provides automated reports on the linengarments and inventory located at the hotel. By using our linen solutions, the hotel was easily able to stop a theft within the first two weeks of installation. This system provides significant cost saving benefits, eliminates losses, lowers laundry expenses and reduces purchases . By eliminating traditional labour – intensive tasks like counting, record keeping and manual sorting, this significantly reduces operational costs.

IntelTag selected to install efficient linen and garment department operations with UHF – RFID Technology

For real – time accounting, UHF – RFID provides 100% accountability because of its easy – to – use software that instantly scans and records all linen and staff – uniform transactions. The RFID tags that are attached to every garment is waterproof and it ensures instant accountability. 

The quality and high – value linen and garment inventory solutions at The Houghton Hotel epitomizes an important investment for hotel operations. The IntelTag Linen System helps maintain prime inventory levels that aids in forecasting the need for future linen and garment purchases. In addition to other benefits, the system can monitor the lifecycle of each garment, records employee uniform assignments and keeps track of laundry expenses. 

IntelTag’s RFID tracking technology is capable of reading large quantities of soiled linen as and when they are collected and sent to the laundry. The system also records where each garment is stored and when linen has been issued and received from a laundry.

About IntelTag Systems 

The IntelTag Solution provides the most up – to date inventory management systems for linen, uniforms and laundry operations. Our systems are reliable and easy – to – use while integrating the latest RFID technology that drastically improves operational efficiencies like eliminating losses, cut labour costs, lower purchases and reduce laundry expenses. 

IntelTag provides solutions to the healthcare, hospitality, cleanrooms, commercial laundries and many other industries across South Africa. With more than a decade experience in the linen and garment industry. Our expertise at Inteltag offers reliable solutions that are tailored to our customer’s needs. Visit our site for more information. 

About The Houghton Hotel 

The Houghton Hotel is a Five-star rated hotel and quickly rose in the ranks amongst its other competitors to become one of the best luxury hotels in South Africa. The hotel has a central location between upscale shopping and superior business centres. Situated between Johnaessburg’s CBD and Sandton business hub, they offer guests homes as well as a home away from home. They offer spa, wellness and golf to their residents and visitors. Visit their website to find out more.  

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