Posted On: 8 Mar 2021

Using Automated RFID to keep staff and H&S protocols safe!

Understanding RFID IntelTagRFID
What is RFID IntelTagRFID

RFID can now cope with wide ranges of temperature, pressure, moisture and operate in hazard locations and with an offer of greater autonomous flexibility. This helps with monitoring the safety of employees, their productivity, and the protection of their adherence to Health and Safety protocols to avoid fines and litigious events in the case of an accident or injurious event.

Research conducted recently by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded that companies profited on average by approximately 7% when the teams knew they were being monitored. 

It is not all about serving the company’s needs. Automated RFID has staff focussed benefits as well. 

Efficient HR Processes

Staff can benefit from speedy requests to HR by having automated calculations and replies for run-of-the-mill requests. If a team member needs to unexpectedly take a half-day, instead of waiting a day to a week for a reply, they can independently tap a leave request icon, get a reply and leave within minutes. This is highly satisfying for employees and can be managed with parameters and caps.

Tedious paperwork and disputes can be reduced with personnel times, attendance, breaks etc., being logged and reported on. This can be linked directly into payroll.

You can autonomously track movements which will include visitors. This protects your staff against visitors with ill intentions or visitors, causing accidents by being in unauthorized zones.

This will also protect your intellectual property.

Part-time workers might unwittingly go into unauthorized zones and, like visitors, could raise safety risks for permanent staff.

If you are running a hospital, you don’t only need to track staff, efficiencies of resources and correct costings but patients and visitors as well.

When your business involves large container yards, timber yards, open-cast or underground mining, or large scale construction projects, it can seem nearly impossible to monitor the workforce when safety, security, and accountability become imperative.

For evacuation management – Where are all the employees if a fire breaks out, or there is a gas leak? Manual tracking is useless in these instances.

Zone tracking can log team movements into and out of zones in real-time. 

Safety Management

Productivity Management

A project management team can now see resource allocation per area versus costings by tracking groups of employees per work area. They can also investigate when high resource counts happen in certain areas or tasks and correct their estimates going forward or realign on-the-ground processes. This is unachievable with analogue management.

Obviously, low levels of activity can also be tracked, and any underperforming staff can be put into performance improvement plans sooner rather than later. 

Asset Tracking

This can assist with the keeping of assets in certain zones or on the property in general. If it is moved, then its real-time location is always known. Tracking of the asset and the employee means certain personnel may have authority to move assets whilst others will trigger a notification to a manager or asset manager, in real-time. 

To improve your employee safety, free up management time and increase your bottom line. Contact InteltagRFID [insert contact page hyperlink]. We provide and create specialist RFID Asset Management Solutions, the software, the installation and the services tracking of assets and employees.

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