Posted On: 1 May 2023

Why the Hospitality Sector Needs RFID

Linen management in hotels is a critical function, ensuring each hotel room has linen isn’t as easy as it sounds. With thousands of items in their inventory, hotels have a clear need for automated systems to track and control high volumes of linen. 

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and technology plays a key role in keeping up with the changes. One technology that has proved to be beneficial in the industry is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. 

IntelTagRFID (Pty) Ltd, a 100% South African company that is locally designed, implemented, and supported, has developed an RFID Linen, Laundry, and Inventory Management System that streamlines and automates linen and asset movement, laundry operations, cuts labour costs, and provides real-time information that can lower operating expenses. 

But what exactly is RFID technology, and how does it benefit the hospitality industry?

RFID technology comprises of hardware, software, RFID tags, and data. With an Inteltag solution, RFID tags are permanently attached to every laundered item, allowing IntelTag’s systems to seamlessly track each item as it moves around the hotel facility   

RFID Technology in Food Safety | IntelTagRFID

The hospitality industry uses RFID technology to manage linen and laundry in specific environments, with these different basic functionalities: 


  • How many items did I receive? 
  • How many items did I send?

Hotel Site 

  • What has the laundry delivered? 
  • How many items did I send to the laundry? 

On-Premises Laundry 

  • Where are my items?


Extract Insights

From the data collected by IntelTag’s system, digitised reporting and analytics are now automated and helps the hospitality create forecasting models for their inventory and assets. After identifying key functional areas where insights and analytics is required, a dashboard is then customisable to their individual business requirements. 

The benefits of IntelTag’s RFID Solutions for the hospitality industry

By implementing RFID technology, hotels, and other hospitality businesses can: 

  1. reduce linen loss and save on linen purchases 
  2. streamline and automate laundry operations 
  3. improve daily business decisions with real-time actionable information 
  4. ensure scalability and flexibility for their business growth 
  5. enhance customer relations and offer new value-added services
  6. manage their textile assets in real-time, with actionable information and reports 

Accuracy and real-time stock management reduce linen shortage situations, reduce labour-intensive tasks with perpetual stocktaking, and improves overall service levels. 

If you’re in the hospitality industry or operate a laundry, it’s essential to incorporate IntelTag’s RFID Solutions into your business processes. These solutions will help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance your customer service, which will lead to increased revenues and growth opportunities.

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IntelTag at the Hotel and Hospitality Show  

IntelTag will showcase its offering at the Hotel and Hospitality Show, from 18 – 20 May 2023. Meet us at the show to see live demos and learn more about our RFID Solutions for the hospitality sector. 


The hospitality sector can benefit greatly from IntelTag’s RFID Linen and Laundry Management System. It provides a fully integrated and scalable inventory management system, improves daily business decisions with real-time actionable information, and enhances customer relations. The benefits are numerous, and hotels can gain intelligent control of hospital linen and textiles, Contactless Linen Inventory Management, and better regulatory compliance. Contact IntelTag today to learn more about our RFID Solutions for the hospitality sector. 

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